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deep geothermal energy

deep geothermal energy

Deep geothermal projects for electricity or heating are very complex and require a precise and sensitive balance between the planning and the available resource. Small changes can have a big influence on the success of the project. Therefore, we offer services from project conception to completion, in order to assist you in achieving the best possible result.

Our services are:

  • Geology, Hydrogeology and other scientific disciplines
  • Strategic project consulting
  • Project coordination
  • General project management as well as specific technical project management
  • Project supervision
  • Risk management
  • Geoscientific advice
  • Geoscientific mapping
  • Geoscientific models
  • Research and data acquisition
  • Exploration and monitoring programs
  • Studies, reports and due-diligence
  • Authority management / moderation / project communications
  • Intermediation and acquisition services within the course of geothermal projects

We also offer additional and independent services such as assessments for project financing and support for evaluation of investors.